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This is why I love Fire Emblem.

What the fuck even are Fire Emblem: Awakening’s characters

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((you like the thing, you get sent the thing-)) Tooth approached Pitch hesitantly, grumbling to herself in frustration. "Hey Pitch... Would you spend... Would you..." She kept trailing off, face bright red and eyes turning a soft pink in her embarrassment. "Oh for the love of... Would you spend a night of passion with me-?"


He gave her dead pan look for a moment then opened his mouth to speak. The king stopped himself and simply stared at her for another moment, trying to understand what she was talking about.

"Is this a joke?" He stretched up to his full height. "If there is one thing that I hate it’s being the brunt of a silly little joke or are you just in heat?" Pitch sneered at her, not believing what he had heard. ((jokes on you I sent the thing))

((you little— well you get the very thing you sent. IwassoexcitedtogetthatbtwbcCavityislikemyotp))

Tooth huffed and looked away, face turning even redder; her eyes turned to a baby yellow, showing she was a bit apprehensive to continue with this conversation.

"N-no. It’s not a joke." She rubbed her arm to try and get her feathers to lay flat. "Look, you can say no— I just…you know…thought I’d ask…" Her voice trailed off and turned into a sort of grumbling.

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"I need a hug…"


He nodded with an even wider grin, waving her towards all the sandwiches as soon as he realized that the poor guardian of memories was starved. With an expression that clearly said ‘eat up’, he settled in to watch over her. a Z formed above his head with a question mark. When had she last slept??

Tooth grabbed more sandwiches and started scarfing them down, forgetting to try and be ‘lady-like.’ After she finished of a few more sandwiches and a few cups of tea, she smiled at Sandy. “Thanks for that, I really needed it it seems.” His question, though, made her smile falter. She averted her gaze, “Ah…I’m not sure?” She laughed nervously, “Maybe a few weeks? Or months?”

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"Sure! I can do that just fine."

I hope you guys didn’t mind I turned those music note memes into au’s..I’ve sorta been dying to do more Human!Tooth

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Song: Dark Horse by Katy Perry

//oooh love that song— I’m turning all these music notes into au type starters hope that’s okie thinking maybe like Tooth’s a warrior queen or something and keeps turning down suitors?

Toothiana watched day in and day out as many a man came and went, failing miserable in their attempts to woo the Queen. Didn’t they realize what they were getting into? She was known as ‘magical’ all across the land, as strong and mighty, beautiful and deadly; they called her the ‘Dark Horse.’

Honestly these men have been so pathetic— I wonder if today will be different? …Most unlikely.

The next suitor was there, just great. The Queen quirked her brow at him, smirking. Not bad… Easy on the eyes…

"You better know what you’re fighting for, because once your mine…" She stood and strode towards him, placing a delicate hand to his chest, faint smirk splayed across her lips. "…There’s no going back.~"


Send me a ♫ and I’ll shuffle my ipod. For whatever song comes up first, I’ll write a starter for our muses inspired by that song.

Song: Just Dance by Lady Gaga

//oooh I’m gonna make this au-y

Crap. Crap oh crap oh crap—

Tooth leaned against the wall, her vision becoming blurry. She had no idea what happened to her car keys or her phone or even the guy she had come to this club with! She was in big big trouble and she had no idea what to do.

Looking down she groaned, “Why is my shirt inside out? Oh god what happened I’m so dizzy…” She took a deep, shaky breath, “Alright, Tooth, you got this… Just dance…”

She pushed off the wall and back onto the dance floor where, despite the fact she couldn’t see straight anymore, she started to dance.


She had just hip-checked someone, almost knocking them over. “S-sorry about that bud…”


Send me a ♫ and I’ll shuffle my ipod. For whatever song comes up first, I’ll write a starter for our muses inspired by that song.

Song: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds

//making this an au type-a thing

Toothiana was always busy: She didn’t have any friends, she wasn’t in a relationship, she didn’t own a car or have a lot of money, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was making a change, about success in her workplace. She was almost like a machine in that aspect. Her days almost exact repeats of each other, but she didn’t let that get in the way of what she wanted or who she wanted to be.

She ended up waking up later than usual that morning which meant she would be late for work; not good. Rushing down the street, Toothiana cursed her alarm clock under her breath for dying in the middle of the night, which distracted her so much that she ran right into someone.

Oh great, just one more thing…

"Sorry, didn’t mean to run into you bud, just sorta in a hurry."